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“I use Spa Lotus for hair and makeup for my boudoir clients.  She is such an amazing artist and stylist. From her makeup artistry, which allows women to fully embrace their beauty with confidence in front of the camera, to her ability to change out a hairstyle, creating a totally different look in minutes, to helping with choosing outfits and jewelry, her eye for creating beauty is a key part of why women walk away loving their photos.”

Trish Barker
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“Dacia has a fun-loving presence which made getting ready for my wedding day extra fun. She is calm, grounded and focused which helped me with my nerves that day. I absolutely loved the way my make up came out and my bridesmaids looked beautiful too! I’d highly recommend her!”

Kathryn J






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“Spa Lotus is my favorite place to be on Maui. It is removed from the crowded resorts, nestled in the peaceful surroundings of beautiful Kula, Upcountry. With her attention to every detail, Dacia Waller invites you into her very private Spa where all attention is on you only. She is more than just an exquisite esthetician. Besides her endless menu of high quality treatments and professional beauty services, she allows you to rest in her nurturing energy. Dacia not only rejuvenates and cares for your skin, but she is able to restore your Mana, your life-force too. Every time after her treatments I get compliments about how youthful and radiating I look. Dacia is my first choice when it comes to skin care and spa services, not only for myself, but also for my clients.”

Gabriella Moliné – Creator of


“Having problem skin for my whole life, I never really thought I’d have skin that I’d feel okay going out without makeup on, but now I do.  From her in spa treatments, to her painstakingly looking for the best skin care products for me, to her saving me from Sasquatch eyebrows and  doing my makeup for my own personal family shoots, I simply don’t know what I’d do without her!”

Trish Barker






Pin Up Makeup

“I’ve been to Dacia to have my makeup done for my High School Prom and other fun things.  She made me feel like a princess.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better and her work was beautiful.  She is highly skilled in her profession and I would recommend her to anyone!”

Morgan L.








Maui Makeup Services

“I absolutely love my experience with Dacia!  She is so caring and loving.  She makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed that I don’t want to leave her table!  People notice the difference in my skin afterwards!”






“I have had the pleasure of working with Dacia for years.  It’s always a treat for her to work her magic on me.  Whether it’s a great, relaxing facial or doing my makeup for events, I always know I’m in good hands.  I chose Dacia to do my makeup on my wedding day.  I can honestly say I felt more beautiful than I had ever felt.  She used her experience and expertise to choose a color palate that would work with my skin, dress and the theme of my wedding.  It was truly a perfect day and I’m so glad Dacia was there to be a big part of it.”

Lee Anderson
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ray“It is rare to hear a man say “I’m going to get a facial”.  I fell into that stereotype of thinking that skincare was a luxury reserved for women. Dacia opened my eyes (…and my pores) to the benefits of taking care of my skin. Living on Maui we have access to a plethora of exciting outdoor activities that affect the largest organ of the body, our skin, to the damaging elements of nature. I have seen the advantages in paying attention to the one part of our body that is more exposed than any other…the face.

Dacia is a master in her field of cosmetology and her skills go beyond the technical aspect of her craft. Her devotion to her work is evident from the moment she begins.  Dacia’s work is an essential, not a luxury.

Ray Slayton Founder of